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Blissed Out on Bliss Farm

Aug 24 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

And just like that, I'm a world away from Austin. It's 60 degrees here and falling. I can't describe how strange it feels to experience cold. Amazing that we go on this ride every year, through the seasons, and every year I get so acclimated to the current season that I forget it's constantly changing so gradually you barely notice. 

Tonight I'm playing a small show on the grounds of Blissfest, one of the coolest events I've had the good pleasure of stumbling into. The community here is strong, and they host little events throughout the year as an excuse to get together and feel that magical thing that happens when you get together with people you love for something that lights you all up. 

Tonight it's a farm-to-table dinner followed by a concert by yours truly. Dinner was delicious. Nutrients can be hard to come by on tour, but this meal was bright and colorful, bursting with vegetables grown less than a mile down the road. 

A child just took off on a golf cart to forage through the backstage freezers in search of ice cream. When she returns we'll have some homemade pie and songs but until then I'm just gonna stand here, shivering a little, staring at the sunset and marveling at it all.

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