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Cool As Folk - The Spotify Playlist!

Jul 14 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Looking for something to listen to? Check out this playlist I made you on Spotify!

It's chock-full of my favorite songwriters, friends and musical heroes.

Today's additions include:

Last Man Standing' by Korby Lenker - from Korby's new album Thousand Springs, which dropped TODAY! I've had this whole album on repeat all day, and this tune especially knocked me out.

'Neighbors' by Anthony da Costa and Adam Levy - Both of these dudes are beastly guitar players, killer writers and dear friends. I'm so happy about this duo project, especially that Anthony finally recorded this tune because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

'Forever Young Forever' - Oh ha, this one's mine. I heard it on the loudspeaker at the airport today! It was surreal. I put it after Anthony because he plays that rad lick at the beginning. 

'Hymn 101' by Joe Pug - Great songwriter who recently relocated back to the DC area after spending several years in Austin. We don't know each other, but we have tons of mutual friends and I feel tender towards him because he, strangely, grew up in the same co-op that my sister currently lives in (I know, it doesn't take much with me. I get attached quick).

Those are all the newest adds! I'm heading to Woodyfest in Oklahoma this weekend and I'm sure I'll be adding some discoveries from there, so make sure to follow the playlist so you can hear what I'm digging ❤️

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