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To Jimmy Lafave With Love

May 19 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Wow. I was fortunate enough to attend Jimmy LaFave Songwriter Rendezvous at The Paramount in Austin last night and it was one of the most poignant, heartbreaking and loving experiences of my life.

First: if you aren't familiar with Jimmy's music, I suggest you dive in right now - fire up the shuffle on Spotify, or download a few albums on iTunes (you could start with Austin Skyline, Buffalo Returns to the Plains or Texoma, but honestly they're all wonderful).

I got to know Jimmy's music almost a decade ago when I started going to the Kerrville Folk Festival. He's a mainstay there, plays every year or very close to it. His voice is beautiful. His phrasing is deeply touching. He makes cover songs sound like originals and originals sound like timeless hymns. He sings the truth. There is absolutely no one who works a phrase the way he does.

We don't know each other super well, but he's been a dear friend to many of my closest friends and he's been a solid, friendly figure in my life. He's always been quick with a smile and a hug, and in recent years provided me with some key advice and introductions when I needed them. I always hoped to get to know him better - we always sort of abstractly talked about getting together for coffee sometime but never made it happen, and I will always regret that.

I'm so grateful to everyone who put together the tribute show at The Paramount last night. I'm so grateful to Jimmy for bringing so many people together through music and friendship. I'm in awe of the strength and grace and determination he has shown in this final chapter of his remarkable life. And I know I will never hear "Goodnight Irene" the same.

I love you Jimmy.

Thank you.

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