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Mother's Day.

May 14 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Sending out love to my mom.

Sending out love to your mom.

Sending out love to my friends who are moms.

Sending out love to my friends who want to be moms but aren't yet.

Sending out love to my friends who have no interest in being moms and are tired of being harassed at family gatherings.

Sending out love to the step moms! That seems like a tricky gig.

Sending out love to my surrogate moms, the small tribe of older women who have taken me under their beautiful wings and supplemented my life with their love and wisdom.

Sending out love to those who have lost their moms.

Sending out love to those who never had a great relationship with mom. I hope you've found other wings to nestle under, other sources of love and constance.

Last week I bought a silk scarf for my mom. The shop was in East Grinstead, England and it was plastered with "Going Out Of Business!" signs. The shopkeeper was a tall, white-haired man with a rectangular face and a grave demeanor. When I told him I really liked the shop, he responded in a deep, regally accented voice: "Well, unfortunately, yours seems to be the minority opinion."

I picked out a rust-and-gold woven silk scarf and remarked that it would be perfect for my mom, as Mother's Day was coming up.

"Ah yes," he said. "Mothers Day. So called because that is the one day a year that the servant girls would get off of work and they would spend it traveling home to see their mothers."

I paid for the scarf and left, backing out of the shop slowly and shaking my head to realize that I actually preferred to think of the holiday as an occasion made up by a greeting card company.

But whatever the origin, mothers are worth celebrating, in all of their forms. Life is worth celebrating. It's kind of a miracle that any of us are here, and it's a scientific fact that we wouldn't be without the hard, messy, often thankless work of all of these mothers.

So I'm sending out love. To you, to your mother, to all the mothers, to all of the children of mothers, to the whole tangled web.

Happy Mother's Day.

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