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On Touring With Luke Jackson

May 6 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

When I agreed to do a tour swap with Luke Jackson, we had met once and he seemed nice enough. Why not? Our managers set it up.

A few months later, we got together at a writing retreat and wrote a song that we both seemed to like.

A few months after that, Luke flew to America and we moved into a car together for a three-week tour. Our first drive was a solid 12 hours from Kansas City to Nashville. A few minutes in I started to get a sneaking suspicion that we were going to get along really well and I'm glad to say that was true.

 Sharing dozens of shows and several thousand miles together over the past couple of months has been a lot of fun. He had his first taco with me in Nashville, and I had my first full English breakfast in Canterbury a couple days ago (I'm still recovering).

We've done more than just eat - we've also drank gallons of coffee and co-wrote another song. We walked around Times Square at midnight and listened to obscure folk singers from both sides of the pond (plus The Hamilton cast recording and some early Salt-n-Pepa. Ok...a lot of early Salt-n-Pepa).

Agreeing to spend this much time in the company of a relative stranger is a gamble and, like most gambles I've taken in this life so far, I'm happy to say it worked out really well. Luke is smart, creative and fun to sing with. I'm super comfortable traveling with him. So comfortable, in fact, that when we walked lockstep into a rest stop earlier today, I almost accidentally followed him into the men's room...let's just say I got way farther than I should have before I noticed.

Anyhow, tomorrow (Sunday) is our last show together of this tour. It's at The Wee Gig in Abington, Scotland. Come say hi and help us celebrate the end of this era if you're anywhere nearby :-)

Thanks to all of you for following along, thanks to everyone who has come out to these cd release shows in the US, Europe and The UK and thanks to Luke for being up for the adventure! It's been a total blast.



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