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Meet my new baby!

Apr 18 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Did someone say new guitar? Oh right, that was me.

This tiny beast was handmade for me by my brilliant friend Bayard. It's called a Bayard. It's the 171st guitar he's made. We've been talking for the past five years about what I want out of a guitar - something that sounds rich and warm like my dad's Martin, but is less stressful to travel with (ie not a family heirloom...yet :-). I also wanted something smaller, that would fit my body better than the big dreadnaught I've been hauling around for years.

Last May I put some money down on it, and throughout the year I sent whatever cash I could spare to Arkansas, where Bayard was toiling like a madman in his workshop. A few days after Christmas, this tiny dreamboat floated her way down I-35 to me and I fell immediately in love. 

For you guitar nerds out there, I got it without a pickup, did some research and decided to install an Amulet by Trance Audio. A little spendy but so worth it. At home I run it through a few pedals (current faves are my JHS Panther Cub delay and TC Electronic Flashback Delay + Body Rez, all out of the effects loop of my Red-Eye pickup, another handmade gem). For my money, it sounds truly remarkable and much, much more mature and lived-in than its current five months. Over here in Europe I'm traveling a bit lighter - just a tuning pedal and whatever EQ the sound person chooses to bestow. Still sounds great, and feels really wonderful to play. 

Come check us out! We are about halfway through our European tour, dates in Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, and England still to go:

April 21 in Frankfurt, Germany

April 22 in Duisburg, Germany

April 23 in Haarlem, The Netherlands

April 25 in Glasgow, Scotland

April 26 in Edinburgh, Scotland

April 28 in Stafford, England

April 29 in Devon, England

April 30 in Wiltshire, England

May 2 in Wiltshire, England

May 3 in London, England

May 4 in Forest Row, England

May 5 in Milton Keynes, England

May 6 in Birmingham, England

May 7 in Abington, Scotland


Details are all over on the TOUR page www.rebeccaloebe.com/tour

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