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Vagabond Prayer

by Rebecca Loebe


it's hard to tend a garden on the road

'bout as tough as making love over the phone

is home a box of over ripe tomatoes?

just  a closet full of hangers?

4 straight walls between you and the air?


it's easy to believe you when you say

you're not sure that you were made to live this way

like a truant with a talent

or a bard who's lost your balance

or a peter pan who flew once on a dare

through every wall between you and the air


may the road let you down easy

when you go, go with champagne

may you know the kindest strangers

may you never drive through rain


may your sunsets all be sweeter when you're gone

may your good friends always meet you with a song

may your bread always be buttered

and your whiskey flow like water

may your compass guide you kind and true and fair

and may your stars 

be counting on a vagabonds prayer


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