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by Rebecca Loebe


You dropped in my head for a minute

Now I am wallowing in it

The smell of your beard in the morning

Your laugh in the dark

You feel like a house that I lived in

That somebody else raised their kids in

Darlin, what did you do to my heart?


I swear it was fine when I met you

Full of blood, a little sinew

Nothing fancy, not working particularly hard

Next thing I knew it was skipping

Out on the pond, skinny dipping

Darling, what did you do to my heart?


Well it's not ideal, is it baby

But I deal with it daily

I take out the trash, I water the yard

From what I can tell it was instant

An editorial misprint

Darling, what did you do to my heart?


What did you do? What did you do? 

What did you do, and when

When can you do it again?


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