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by Rebecca Loebe


Sing to me a simple melody

So soft it barely sees the light of day

Your voice rushes to my ears like sunlight through

A boarded window who’s been shuttered up all spring

oh sing to me that simple melody

So so innocently It’s as if you did not hear


The crack of separation in a moment’s hesitation

One heart inside me breaking and another growing clean

oh sing


there’s a canyon that I’ve been to

………….the walls are tall and dry

sounds echo off like tennis balls

bounce around for miles

I am standing at the bottom 

When your voice comes drifting near

I know I should run for cover oh

But then I would not hear you


Sing to me some simple melody

So unexpectantly Seeking nothing in return


Dust is whipping through the canyon

Rocks are kicking down the walls

i try to yell for help but drop

my words like cannon balls


the ground around me tremors

I cannot move I cannot stand

The thought of not remembering 

You or this avalanche




Oh, sing to me some simple melody

So soft it barely sees the light of day


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